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Golden Rule for ChatterBox Forum

Welcome to the ChatterBox forum! This is the area of the Chatter for "general discussion" and fun/casual conversation, where members can talk about everything from movies, restaurants, weather, and word games, to whatever your heart desires.

As such, there is one "Golden Rule" for the ChatterBox forum: NO POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS DISCUSSION!!!

Any posts violating this rule will be removed immediately. This includes political jokes, cartoons, cracks about local officials, deep-dive religious or philosophical subjects, etc. Those belong in other forums, and any posts to that nature will be moved immediately. The intent is that this forum is a positive, fun area of the site to congregate, that is free from much of the heated debate that occurs in other forums.

Please also keep in mind that our Terms of Use are still in effect!

Remember, have fun and be respectful!
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