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Important Information for Help Wanted Forum

Please note that this forum is for the purpose of posting genuine "help wanted" advertisements for local residents. It is NOT a forum for spam relative to get-rich-quick schemes (e.g. "make $10,000/day licking envelopes at home"), and all postings in this forum are subject to our normal Terms of Use as well as the specific rules of the Marketplace forums. We reserve the right to remove any postings if we deem it necessary, but if in doubt, please just ask and we'll be glad to assist.

Please keep in mind that some important information to include in your posting is the place of business, the type of work, any special requirements, the hours of operation, whether travel is required, etc. If you have a web site address, you are welcome to include it one time in your initial posting. Please DO NOT include email addresses. Members can contact you via the address in your posting, OR via the site's PM (private messaging) system.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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