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Important Notes for Posting Reviews

The same rules apply here as in the parent Marketplace forum, however in order to post in this forum you must have:

- 10 (legitimate) posts on the Chatter to post a review
- No PDF menus are allowed. This is to draw the line between advertising and objective reviews, and to save drive space.
- Links to the local business web site are acceptable
- Reviews which are clearly and explicitely meant to defame a local business will be removed. Even if you had a bad experience, BE OBJECTIVE and explain the reason for your bad review. Simply posting "this place sux" is not acceptable.

Please note that some topics may get moved here from time to time. For example, someone posts "Does anyone know about ________ Restaurant?" Once people start answering, it becomes a review. We will usually attempt to leave a link in the originating forum, but will move it here for the sake of keeping the site organized.

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