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Rules for Posting in the CCC MarketPlace Forum

This purpose of this forum is to act as a sort of "free classifieds" section for members to post items (not services) they wish to sell/trade/donate - PROVIDED that it is not for a business. You may also announce personal or community yard/garage sales. Please be sure to list the times of your sale.

NO COMMERCIAL ADVERTISING is permitted. If you are looking for some side work (e.g. you do lawn or computer work on the side), you may post that in the Marketplace forum UNLESS your side work conflicts with the business of a Chatter sponsor. For instance, if we have a computer repair service as a sponsor, you may not post that you fix computers on the side. If you are not sure if you are in compliance about advertising, please send a PM (private message) to a site Admin.

Sorry -- NO DOG OR CAT SALES are permitted!!! There are just far too many, and those forms of ads simply attract people who want to argue with the business.

You MAY post properties available for rent as long as the property is privately held and not a commercial entity (e.g. no apartment complexes or commercial duplexes). When posting a property for rent, it should include the general location, size, amenities, any special rules (such as no pets/smoking) and the cost of rent. Please do not keep people guessing.

If you are organizing a fundraiser (e.g., walk/run, school PTO, etc.) or other event that will benefit a specific cause or the community in general, it may also be posted in the Community Service/Events forum. If a site member is seeking donations for a special cause (runs, walks, etc.), you may post it in the Community Service/Events forum. You may also place a link to your donation page in your signature. Those links should be the default color, and should not be any larger than font size 2. Anything larger will be edited or removed.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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