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Rules for Community Info Forum

This forum is specifically for members to post upcoming events of note around the county, as well as charity-related information. It is not for advertising.

An example of acceptable posts would be information pertaining an upcoming non-profit or community festival, a class reunion, additional details about a Calendar entry item (such as a meeting).

If you are organizing a fundraiser (e.g., a walk/run, school PTO festival, etc.) or other event that will benefit a specific cause within the community, it may also be posted here.

If a site member is seeking donations for a special cause (runs, walks, etc.), you may post it in this forum. You may also place a link to your donation page or Community Service forum entry in your signature. Those links should be the default color, and should not be any larger than font size 2. Anything larger will be edited or removed.

An example of what is not acceptable are posts pertaining to an upcoming sale at your place of business, for-profit events (e.g. concerts) or other "want" ads. For that, please see the CCC MarketPlace.

Thank you for your cooperation!
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