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Reasons that Melin should be fired

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#1 TimZ



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Posted 07 July 2017 - 05:31 AM

When you have a rotten melon you throw it out.  What, specifically, has Melin done that would justify buying out his contract (at about half a million) so we could let him go?


I'll take some easy ones. (this list comes from public comments made at the July 5 board meeting)


He spent 2.6 million on the Jeff radio station, exceeding the 2 million dollar limit in the funding mechanism he employed.


He hired a communications consultant for the bond referendum and paid him up front (before the referendum was formally requested) so that he could skirt the law on using taxpayer money to promote a referendum.  Miraculously, the consultant "volunteered" his time right up to the referendum.


He attempted to break the remodeling projects into pieces each under 2 million to avoid petition and remonstrance,  The state stepped in and stopped him.


He raised money to "enclose open concept areas" for "student safety" and is using a portion of that money to fund the closing of Spring Hill and Maple.


He mismanaged projects. He spent 162% of the budget on the Jeff's auditorium and will end up at about double the budget for the Marshall Center.


That does not even touch the academic performance issues at our schools.


Any more?

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#2 kelley


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Posted 07 July 2017 - 06:17 AM

He has shown a lack of respect and empathy for low-income and minority families and for those that choose to live in an urban area.

His ideas, his vision is an outdated one heavy on sprawl and car/bus transportation which ignores trends toward walkable and bikeable communities and a need to tackle the obesity epidemic.
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#3 TimZ



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Posted 17 July 2017 - 11:08 AM

Going to add one more - Putting forward a contract for a Videographer/Web Developer to be paid from the Capital Projects Fund. 


I asked about it and was pointed to a section of the Indiana Code that permits some technology personnel costs to be paid from the Fund.  However, none seemed to fit the job description for this individual. I asked to be directed to the specific paragraph (for example, is he doing actual equipment installation or will he be doing non-recurring instruction) and have not received a response.


The contract was approved at the July 5 meeting. This should have been questioned by the Board.

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#4 CityBoy



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Posted 18 July 2017 - 08:06 AM

He has allowed Bob Hall to use Charlestown High School as a political asset. Examples: (1) Photo (now gone) on city's website showing Hall and Melin welcoming students back to school last year. (2) Photo in The Leader showing Hall with the teachers of the year. (3) City employee -- the "School !iaison" -- is paid by the city to work at the high school.

Worst of all: Melin allowed Hall to veto the school board's selection for the assistant principal position at the high school.
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#5 kelley


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Posted 18 July 2017 - 04:46 PM

He also tried to manipulate Jeff's last mayoral race. He tried to blame Mike for there not being a new downtown school and implied more than once during public meetings that if Dennis won, we'd get a new school. He may have actually hurt Dennis with some of the antics.

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#6 IntegrityMatters


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Posted 18 July 2017 - 06:34 PM

Too many dollars are spent frivolously. $2200 for a table for 10 at a Junior Achievement banquet; $460 for a table at one southern Indiana etc etc. if the school really must make an appearance at some of these events is there really a need to buy a whole table??? Why not just send 2 people and save money?
Also, $5500 for a logo that could have been designed by art students is ridiculous. $4500 for a mesh banner that says "Welcome to JHS" and then another $1000 to the City because it was put up without a permit
Hiring two additional assistant superintendents at a salary of $115,000 each plus benefits is also wasteful.

And recently Melin made a $1000 donation to the Boy Scouts with general fund dollars-- that's right-- our tax dollars were used to donate $1000 to a nonprofit organization. How many other times has he done this? Should tax dollars that are given to a school district for the benefit of students be given to another nonprofit organization??
Nothing against the Boy Scouts but this is not right. I am sure there were plenty of classrooms that could have used that $1000. Does Melin have free rein to spend our tax dollars however he wants? And if we are giving to the Boy Scouts should we also give to the Girl Scouts?

And Melin has recently bought several houses on Monroe St in Charlestown -- well over $600,000 and he plans to tear them down to build a new football/soccer field.

Now he thinks people will cough up $15 million for a downtown school that no one wants.

He also plans to spend several million on renovating the old Clark County Auto Auction---a totally unnecessary expense. We do not need a conference center when schools are supposedly in need of repair.

Real question is WHY does this Board let him get away with this!! Time to drain the swamp.

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