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AT&T won't fix a line they cut...

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Posted 18 February 2017 - 09:04 PM

If you're thinking of getting AT&T Tv or Internet, you might want to reconsider.

See, the hipster-wannabe installing my neighbor's DirectTV today found a wire buried in neighbor's yard he couldn't identify. So he cut it--killing my home internet, Uverse TV and home phone.

The far east customer service reps refused to call the tech, so I had to walk next door and tell him what he did. He confessed, shrugged, then suggested if I had DirectTV, this wouldn't have happened. This was after telling me he couldn't fix a cat5 cable because he didn't have the tools (in his AT&T van).

Several calls to India later, the best the CSRs could do was schedule a service call for 24 hours later. what?! the guy is right there! He can't do it? Then get another guy to come out! Why should I have to wait for their screwup?

Johnny McSnipsalot was a contractor, but drove an AT&T van

CSR #4 offered me $5 for the inconvenience. Then $10, then $20.

CSR #3 agreed to get his supervisor, put me on hold and came back using a different name. He was too lazy to even change his voice!

@AttCares on Twitter promptly offered to help when I began social media shaming the company, then clammed up when I responded.

No binging, no tv... nothing but burning up phone bandwidth tonight.

At&t sucks to levels I previously would not have believed. They don't care.

And I thought Time-Warner was bad.

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