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The difference between right and wrong is a thin line!

Campaign teams

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Posted 27 April 2015 - 01:42 PM

I was asked the question over the weekend by a few people we had dinner with. Why is it that city contractors are working on Election campaign teams if they are being paid by the city? I replied it is a very thin line between right and wrong and it depends who you ask. Some will say it is wrong and others will say it is right. Some may say it is payback for being awarded city contracts and city work. Myself I am very cautious who I work for. When I was a county contractor for almost 11 years I did not participate in the actions because I did not want anyone saying the only reason we had our contract was that we represented a certain party. I had a line drawn in the sand between work and private life and never combined the two.


I have sat back and seen both parties and the representatives from those parties and I wonder why it is. I mean everyone was wondering when Dennis Julias was elected to the city council at large and his association with Walnut Ridge and the city contracts he held. The same could be said for Wayne Estinopal serving as treasure for Mike Moore's re-election staff. Both have made a lot of money from the city on contracts and other services. Some would say that they are returning the favors back to the person who helped them get those contracts.  I am kinda waiting to see what each party has raised for funds.


I understand they have a right to do work for whoever they so chose. But some would wonder should there be a separation from contractor and elections. This is an open forum so feel free to answer how you want.  

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