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Last Night's Council Meeting

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Posted 06 March 2015 - 03:06 PM

This meeting of the city council is a prime example of the way Bob Hall disrespects Council members and citizens who have concerns.

I hope that these forums open voters eyes to the fact that Bob Hall will not cooperate with anyone unless it helps him.

He claims that he is for Charlestown and it's citizens,yet he sets thru council meetings(with a look on his face that could be considered condenscending at best) and only responds favorably when the person speaking is complimenting him or one of his projects.(after the meeting is over Bob Hall recalls the substance of the meeting the way he sees it,and disregards the truth,even if it is verified by news reporters)

He is quick to acknowledge any and all youth groups,whenever they succeed.(this is a good thing normaly,but the way he treats others leads me to question his motives)After all in just a few short years,the youth being honored will be voting age and their parents already are. These groups usualy are honored early in the meeting and leave before Bob starts his disrespectful mannerisms and the voters who don't attend,never get to see the true side of Bob Hall,only the facade that he uses in public in order to keep voters and his followers duped into believing that he is all for Charlestown.

The years when Mike Hall was Mayor,between Bob's first and second term,Bob was nowhere to be found. He had noting to do with Charlestown Beautification,nothing to do with Founders Day,nothing to do with Christmas Lights,nothing to do with North Clark Outreach Center,nothing to do with Trunk or Treat,and he did not attend any of Charlestown High Schools Athletic Events. He cared not, about starting his Charlestown Excellence in Education Foundation until he could see that being involved in all of these things would give him help politicaly.(by the way he lied to the Greater Clark School Superintendent about his C.E.E.F and his claim that the foundation was still incorporated)

Bob Hall claims that anyone who disagrees with him is doing so because of politics,as the above facts show,Bob Hall is motivated purely and completly by politics!

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