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Charlestown Parks Board?

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#1 Ruth Ann Rawlings

Ruth Ann Rawlings


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Posted 04 February 2015 - 07:17 PM

As Charlestown City Council President, I would like to address the issue regarding the City Council’s discussion at Monday night’s meeting to possibly reinstate a Parks Board for the City of Charlestown.  As the fiscal body of the City, it is the City Council’s responsibility to insure that City operations are fiscally sound and in compliance with the approved budget. 


Recently, Mayor Hall purchased a Ford Explorer for the Parks Director.  This was not a budgeted item, nor was it brought before the City Council for approval of an additional appropriation for the purchase and the associated expenses that come along with the Parks Director’s new take home vehicle.  When questioned about this purchase at a meeting, the question went unanswered by Mayor Hall and Clerk Treasurer, Donna Coomer.  Additionally, Councilman Dan James asked Ms. Coomer for an accounting of other Parks Department expenses, which she refused to answer for the City Council at the meeting.  Ms. Coomer became visibly agitated by Mr. James’ inquiry and instructed him to provide a detailed request in writing.  The Mayor and Clerk Treasurer’s reluctance to share the details of certain Parks Department expenditures with the Council immediately raised a red flag and the discussion was then initiated to reinstate a Parks Board, with the idea that this Board would provide the transparency needed in the operation of the Parks Department.  Once the idea was brought up, Mayor Hall was immediately against the idea. 


His actions at the meeting and his false public statement on his Facebook account have only validated the Council’s concerns.  Per Indiana Code IC 36-10-3-4, the Mayor appoints four of the members of the Parks Board and one member is appointed by the School System; the City Council does not have any appointments to the Board.  Now it seems that not only does Mayor Hall not want to share the financial accounting of the Parks Department with the City Council, but he also does not even want to share it with his own appointees on a Parks Board.      


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#2 CityBoy



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Posted 04 February 2015 - 09:45 PM

That is vintage Bob Hall. Do you know what fund was used to purchase the vehicle? I know he had the Board of Public Works approve the purchase of his new vehicle from a sewer fund.  I think the taxpayers now support four take-home vehicles. I hope people finally pay attention to this crap, thanks to a City Council that has some gumption.

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#3 Old Pawpaw

Old Pawpaw


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Posted 04 February 2015 - 11:48 PM

Mrs.Rawlings,How dare you and Mr.James,Mr.McKechnie,and Mr.Arron question,King Bob and his always faithful follower Donna Coomer?

You act as if you are all elected officials,and have a right to dare question our Mayor!

Don't you realize when anyone dares to question His Majesty, King Bob,he automatically claims your going to hurt the youth and families of Charlestown!

Two terms ago,when Mike Hall was Mayor,some-how,some-way,the City of Charlestown managed to have Founders Day,Halloween,Senior events and (I know it's hard to imagine)Christmas(lights and all)with out BOB HALL.

When King Bob was out of power,he did nothing for the City of Charlestown,or for the youth,he never volunteered to help with beautification,Founders Day,back pack giveaway,Halloween,Christmas,or any school activity or function.He started his so called scholarship program after he was re-elected.

Bob Hall has the audacity to accuse the City Council,of acting for Political reasons,that is one motivation,that Bob Hall is truely the King of!
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#4 What the What

What the What


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Posted 05 February 2015 - 12:30 AM

I saw Mayor Hall's post on Facebook and it was some kind of rant.  He is trying to gather support through fear.  By telling everyone that the City Council has threatened the existence of Christmas, Halloween, Founders Day, etc.  People really should look at the facts.  Thanks for posting how this came about Ms. Rawlings.  I read the statute you cited and it indeed states that the Parks Board is 100% controlled by the Mayor and he is throwing a fit about that!?  It is very obvious that something is amiss with the finances and they don't want ANYONE to know about it.  Keep up the good work!

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