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New Albany Elections

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Posted 07 May 2014 - 02:40 PM

Thank God the voters were smart enough to not vote for that crook Richard Rush yesterday! Would have been a VERY BIG MISTAKE had they done so.
The man has filthy skirts and they seem to get dirtier every day.

Be sure and watch the news for some interesting doo-doo he stepped in last week that the good old boy regime that controls New Albany managed to keep under wraps til after the election by saying the incident is "under investigation".

Shame on you Mr. Rush, thinking you were good enough to sit on a bench and judge other people!

As for Hancock running against a fine young man like Matt Lorch? ROTFLMAO if you even think you have a chance in he** Hancock!
That's ALL WE NEED! Another joker named Hancock sitting the bench as if one isn't bad enough!!! (even though not related, at least closely, if that).

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Posted 31 October 2014 - 03:47 PM

I read a campaign ad written by James Hancock in the Tribune a couple of days ago that was mean, uncalled for and full of unnecessary insinuations against Matt Lorch.

If Hancock has to stoop that low in his bid to win the judgeship in New Albany for Superior Court 2(as if he were even capable of doing the job) then New Albany certainly does not need anyone of his integrity serving on the bench.

People who know him will keep him out of a judge's robe.

People who are intelligent enough will see him for what he truly is, by his own words and will keep him out of a judge's robe.

Those that have seen him in court or hired him will see he is not qualified to set on the bench.

Not only that, he is sexist. I have experienced that aspect of his personality myself.

Hopefully he will see the people do not want him as a court judge, tuck his tail and slink away.

Matthew Lorch is the most respectful, knowledgeable, nicest gentleman you could ever want to hear your side of a case and be genuinely fair and deserves to replace Judge Glenn Hancock.

On a further note, those of you that knew Mike Naville should realize that if Mike chose to work with Matt, Matt would have to be top of the line , because Mike would not have permitted second-best.

Think about which MAN you want sitting In the courtroom across from you should that become necessary.....
Winner Matthew Lorch or loser James Hancock?

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