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Ways to help with current crisis

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Posted 07 August 2013 - 12:05 PM

Bridge construction has eliminated places along I-65 where homeless individuals lived, found work, support and a temporary reprieve from the elements and became networked into the broader community. As Waffle House, the Token Club and McDonald's were eliminated and only Thornton's and Hardee's were left, the additional stress on those businesses resulted in conflict, and, as a consequence, those on the street have largely lost access to these businesses as well.

Rose Hill Apartments will be closing soon, and will likely place additional stress on the resources intended to house people or provide assistance to the homeless.

Given the danger of construction areas, Exit 0 ministry which provides meals, compassion and resources to the homeless has had to suspend meals until an alternative location is secured. When they are resumed, there may be additional fuel costs to drive to a different location or to potentially have to pick up and transport those they serve to a place they can receive a meal and other services.

As overpasses become inaccessible and camping areas destroyed, there is a need for tents and potentially for the renting of motel rooms for those unable to locate farther into wooded areas due to age or disability.

Some sheltering options are being pursued, but many will require spending on TB tests, the securing of IDs, transportation and printing costs.

The city has made a commitment to, via the task Force, address the big picture and long-term needs in dealing with this issue, but there is still an immediate need government cannot meet. Only compassionate individuals and organizations can.

Paul is a member of this community, the Chatter community, and we've seen the evidence here of the stress he is under at this time. He can only do so much with limited resources.

Here are some things we can do to lighten the burden on him, his family and those they serve:

Easiest, quickest thing if you have the means, open your wallet. Here's the donation page for his organization: https://exit-0.donor...utreach-Program

If you can't donate cash or purchase items on the wish list, but have the time, ability and disposition to mentor someone, please consider it. If you can't but think your church or other organization can, please advocate for them to do so. Contact paul@jesuscaresatexit0.org for more information.

Though a day shelter was shot down before, the need is still here. The current crisis, related media attention and consequent concern by public officials has the momentum on our side. I believe if the same opportunity arises again in the near future and the location was not in a residential area, the outcome would be different. However, it's not a given. Donating funds can make the securing of a location a reality, but compassionate people will have to lobby loudly to drown out the NIMBY voices. Phone calls, emails, turning out for meetings and making clear we are taking note of who does and does not support compassion, a practical solution to a community problem and respect for property rights will be absolutely necessary.

The iron is hot. Strike.

Keep a lookout in the Chatter box this week for an additional way Chatter might assist that may also be fun.

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Posted 06 September 2013 - 02:50 AM

Well, Louisville has Gallopolusa
Clark CO did Pigapolosa

Jeffersonville could do... Homelesspaloosa
Get businesses to pay artists to "decorate" Volunteer homeless people. (50% of the fee goes to Exit 0)
Then, the business's can pay the homeless people to stand in front of their buildings (Or... perhaps Stand in front of someone ELSES?)
They would, of course, be paid the not-really-minimum-wage-but-heck-why-not wage of 15.00/hr (Perhaps part of this would go to Exit 0, perhaps not)


The preceeding was SARCASM... It is a silly thought, running thru my head at 4 in the morning.....
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