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The History of the CCC, Part III

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Posted 09 March 2013 - 08:50 AM

Professor02 and I did not want to see the site shut down, so we offered individually to take it over even though neither of us had had any experience administering a forum. SM suggested a partnership, the Prof and I talked and decided a partnership was the way to go. We had been co-moderators in the past, on the Jeff forum and state/national, so we knew our moderating style was similar.

On March 1, 2011, Clark County Chatter II LLC was born and took over ownership of the site. Contrary to popular belief, the Prof and I did not buy the site from SM and CF...nor did they pay us to “front” for them on the site as one former member suggested. They simply gave it to us; transferred the domain names, the software, etc.

The LLC was in my name alone, but the Prof was my partner in every way that counts. The issue of jobs being threatened was something we could not forget, and the Prof was concerned about his wife. Mrs Professor worked with children and loved her job; he did not want his participation in the administration of this site to potentially affect her, so he asked if I would consider putting the LLC in my name alone.

Wow, what a learning experience! If you have never been involved in the administration of a forum, if you have never been on the back side (control panel) you have no idea of what it involves. Once I really saw the huge number of files and the thousand details involved I was, and still am, in awe of the massive amount of work SM and CF put into the Chatter...setting it up, the fine tuning, the maintenance. I wouldn't know where to begin! I had told SM a few times that I knew the Chatter was his baby, but I felt a bit of ownership in it after being involved as a forum leader/moderator for so long. After taking over as an administrator, I fully realized how small my role had been up to that point.

The Professor and I muddled through pretty well for a couple of old folks who didn't know what they were doing. We had a lot of laughs...many of them at ourselves. We got a lot of headaches...thank you members! We tried to maintain the site as SM envisioned. I won't try to judge the job we did there, only SM and CF can do that. But we had the satisfaction of keeping the site open...

The Professor became ill. He stayed involved in the site to the extent that he could, through phone conversations with me even when he could no longer post, until his passing on April 22, 2012. I have really missed my partner, our conversations, and his wisdom. The Prof could always talk sense into me when I would get stressed and a little crazy.

After the Professor’s death, I found little pleasure or reward in administrating the site. I had excellent help, MB and Quasar on the administration side and others who helped moderate the site, but it just wasn’t the same. As membership had grown, so had the problems, and in the end, I was considered the “boss” because the LLC was in my name. The responsibility for the site and the decisions to be made were too much for me, so on February 1, 2013, I sold the site to Quasar.

Yes, sold it for $1.00. I made sure Quasar paid me that buck, too! I just figured if the rumors started that I had sold it, instead of trying to convince anyone I had given it to Q as it had been given to the Prof and me, I could smile and say yes, I sold it! At that time the Chatter had 1800+ members…
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