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Psychiatry Has No Answer To Gun Massacres

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Posted 29 December 2012 - 05:24 PM

In another thread, Kelley said this about the dangers inherent in a desire to "control" those considered mentally ill:

"A push to 'control' those someone believes is mentally ill is as scary as disarming the citizenry in my mind. The medical defintions change. They're controversial among providers and those labeled as ill. Injecting greater force into the matter will lead to more abuse, forced doping and caging of individuals.

ACLU was right on this. More freedom for those that are different was right."

I think she makes a great point and today I read the article below written by a psychiatrist about the very concerns she brings up.

Psychiatry Has No Answer to Gun Massacres


"Recently, another issue is being pushed by both the political left and the political right. In the last few days, talking heads on TV and even some of my friends have been arguing that we need stronger commitment laws and other psychiatric interventions to protect people from maniacal shooters. In additional to gun control, President Obama is talking about increased mental health services.

As a psychiatrist, I know that increasing the power of psychiatry in our society is not the way to go.

To begin with, we need to distinguish between good mental health services and the kind of services that will result from government promotion of mental health services. In the mid-1960s I was an officer in the U.S. Public Health Service, and for a year I was a fulltime consultant at NIMH helping to build and staff community mental health centers around the country. They were supposed to address a broad range of needs and services, but utterly failed to do so. The remnants of them are nothing more than drug dispensaries.

We know exactly what happens when the government pushes mental health services, because we can examine their results. The VA, state mental hospitals, and county clinics offer little else than drugs. Or consider the scandals involved in government-run foster care where children are routinely subdued with drug cocktails.."

He goes on to discuss what is known about psychiatric drug use among recent mass shooting perpetrators and explains that making involuntary treatment easier won't reduce violence.

Among points he made is this one:

"psychiatry and individual psychiatrists have no way of determining who poses a real risk of violence other than the common sense indicators, such as the person is making threats or has already committed violence. Nowhere in the scientific literature is there a study that confirms that psychiatrists can determine who will, or will not, perpetrate violence. Scientific risk assessment approaches cannot be relied upon to make decisions about treatment or incarceration."

Many more points are made in this article, click below to read more:

Psychiatry Has No Answer to Gun Massacres
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Posted 30 December 2012 - 10:12 AM

Similar was found in the criminal justice system in regard to determining who is most likely to reoffend.

Following very reasonable concerns that judges were biased and arbitrary in determining who should be incarcerated v. on probation, house arrest, etc., complicated assessments based on risk factors were introduced to make things more objective, scientific supposedly. After reviewing recidivism rates, it was found the "science" was no better at predicting who would commit another crime than the flawed human being on the bench making an educated guess.

Humans are messy and diverse, and the only way to define and control them requires deferring to other messy, diverse humans which is a recipe for misery and abuse.
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Posted 07 January 2013 - 09:56 AM

Here is an article that links most of these mass murder shooters with psychoactive drugs.

The giant, gaping hole in Sandy Hook reporting

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