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#137258 Heroin - what can we do?!

Posted by Jules on 24 August 2014 - 01:57 PM

I suppose if anyone should have something to offer in regards to the question, "what can we do??", it ought to be me...But, sadly ( and frustratingly), I still don't have an answer...All I have are different thoughts and insights to what my experience has been.


I think heroin is still considered, in this area anyway, more of an inner-city problem...Or a problem with kids leading what some would consider more of "alternative" lifestyle, ( i.e. the young man with the piercings in the video)...I don't think that's so alternative personally, but there are people who would look at him and not come away with a positive impression because of his appearance...He doesn't look like their child or grandchild and so there's a disconnect between that image and their child...And that leads to the, "No way my kid would ever use needles or heroin"...They might experiment with other drugs, but not dope...That would have been me 9yrs ago...If one were to have met my son ( when he wasn't using) you would have met a pretty clean-cut, articulate, and very personable young man...But that young man was the same one who would get up from the Thanksgiving table, go to his room, shoot-up, sleep it off, and be back in time for pumpkin pie...And no one was the wiser.


It's not right but I think as heroin begins to affect more white middle-class kids and their families people begin to give it more notice...( As both recent articles attest to)...Our children aren't any more important, but right or wrong, that's what is putting the spotlight on it right now...And while having the spotlight on it is certainly a step in the right direction, it still doesn't answer the question "what do we do".


I belong to a group of parents who have lost children to drugs ( GRASP) and a lot of discussions come up in regards to the "dealers"...Anger towards the dealers...Prison sentence for the dealers...That if the dealers had been dealt with maybe our kids would still be here...I personally don't feel that's the answer...MAYBE, it you cut it off from South America, but even that I'm not sure would make a difference...They'd find it somewhere else...Kind of like prohibition...From a personal perspective, I know exactly where my son got the last hit that killed him, but I never for a minute thought about turning this person in...Why??...Because she was a friend of my son...Another sad user...And as one of the articles said most "dealers" are only dealing to support their own habit and I'll even expand on that and say it's usually one user "helping" another friend/user out...One buys enough for themselves and then sells the rest to friends to cover their cost...I suppose I felt it could have been the other way around and my son could have unknowingly sold a friend a deadly dose...That doesn't mean I'm not human...I don't get the warm and fuzzies when this person's name is mentioned and I don't have her over for dinner...But she has a multitude of her own problems and probably enough guilt to last a lifetime where my son is concerned...I have never felt any reason to add to that...It won't bring him back and he wouldn't have wanted her life made any more difficult than it is...I should add that there are other parents who've lost their child this way that don't feel as I do...It's probably about 50/50...But, they're convinced going after even low level dealers will make the difference...I just don't feel that way.


Is it a disease??...I think it's genetic just as alcoholism is...I felt that way before he died ( to a point) but doubly so now...There is alcoholism on both sides of our family and I believe he got a double dose of some type of addictive gene...I have 3 other kids, 2 now adults, and none of them have ever shown any indication of substance abuse problems...4 kids raised by the same parents in the same environment and one succumbs...So yes, I think it's a disease and genetic...That said, even though I knew he was ill  it didn't stop the frustration and anger I had with him at times...And that has certainly caused me a great deal of guilt...If you have a child ill with cancer you don't put them out of your home, withold affection, or say not especially kind things to them when they've pushed your last button...But, I did all of those things at different times before my son died...I heard another mother give the explanation though that a child with cancer probably isn't stealing from you, lying to you, and causing total chaos in your life...So what if your child who had cancer did those things to you though...Would it not make you as angry??...So it's a case of loving the child, but hating the behavior... I suppose that's true and sometimes it makes me feel a little better, but only a little.


Tough Love??...Hate it!!...I guess it works for some people, but it didn't work for us...Obviously...And knowing (that even though good intentioned) our "tough" love made my child's last 18 months on the earth even more difficult than the life he was already experiencing is hard to deal with at times...But that said, before Tough Love there were years of trying everything else we could think of...Extra love and attention, counseling, rehab, jail...Nothing made a lasting difference...When we did finally decide to be tougher with him it was because we had nothing else left in our bag of tricks...I've had almost 2yrs to think about what I would have done different and I still don't know what I would have changed or if I think we missed something that would have helped him.


Heroin has such a strong pull that it makes user behave in a way and do things that they would have never dreamt of doing in another life...My son didn't want to hurt us or put us through hell...Or hurt himself even...I KNOW that, but heroin made him do all of those things...It made him a different person...And heroin has such a strong pull that that even the thought of death doesn't scare them...I was sure after his first overdose that he'd be scared to ever use again, but no such luck...We lost count of how many overdoses he had before the one that took him...We can't agree if we think it was 5, 6, or 7...Sad I know, but true...Sadder though perhaps is when you begin to gauge the overdoses on how bad they really were, i.e. how close did he come to dying from this one or was he able to walk out on his own 2hrs later??...I know he had one before the final one that almost took his life as when we got to the hospital, they had us go to a little room to talk to us...We were sure he was gone then, but he surived...I thought that one for sure would have an impact on him, but didn't seem to be anything other than a blip on his screen.


That's the monster, the very strong monster, heroin is and how do you fight something like that??


What I hate the most is that as my son spiralled further and further down I began to lose sight of the wonderful young man he had been ( and that was still inside him)...Even as his mother in the end all I could really see most of the time was a heroin addict and all that entailed...And shame on me for that.


There's a saying that says:

"Heroin isn't just a spectator sport

Eventually the whole family gets to play"


This is true and I'll add not only does the whole family get to play, but eventually the whole community...I realize I haven't answered the question, "what do we do"??, but have just given my experience in what it is to love someone so dearly and then to watch that person, that CHILD with all their potential, disappear and slowly die ( before their physical death) before you eyes and you can't do anything to stop it.


Aug. 31 is National Overdose Awareness Day and perhaps by sharing some of my very personal story I've been able to show that heroin truly knows no boundaries and shows no mercy in regards to income, social status, family make-up, etc...I was the last person who ever thougt they'd lose a child to an overdose and I think we were the last family people would have looked at and thought it...But it happened and if it's not knocked on your door or someone you know yet, the odds are it will...It's hideous and what we're doing to fight it right now isn't working and we can only hope that we hit upon the right thing sooner than later.

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#129483 ISP, DEA agents @ Jeffersonville Doctors Office

Posted by Barber Academy on 07 May 2014 - 03:44 PM

This same thing, in a different form, is going on with the barber school on Spring. There are drugs being run thru there on a constant basis. All one has to do is stand across the street and watch or talk to the shop owners to see the money and supplies changing hands, the frequency of cars coming and going, the multiple 'student body', the frequent trips to the side of the building, the double parking while someone darts in and out of a car and the frustrated calls to the police department that continue to go unheeded.
The guy running the place gets tons of money for "educating" ex-felons and I use the term "ex" quite lightly.
This pill-mill isn't the only dirty little secret Jeff keeps under cover.


First of all I cannot believe that any of my fellow neighbors have been harboring these untrue, unfounded, and completely outrageous opinions about my school! 

Just to be crystal clear THERE NEVER HAS AND NEVER WILL BE ANY ILLEGAL NARCOTIC USAGE OR TRAFFICKING in connection with MY school or its students, we are a college not a bar so when our students smoke they are respectful to my neighboring businesses by going to the side of the building or sitting in their vehicles and smoking their TOBACCO or E-Cig products. You commented on the frequency of cars "coming and going" to which I must ask you..... what about traffic in a barber shop is suspicious ??? There have not been any incidents or complaints to my knowledge of anyone double parking to visit my establishment and my neighboring business owners and I have a great repertoire with one another partly due to the fact that I demand a courteous and respectful demeanor be displayed in and around my establishment by my students. Students which you refer to as "ex-cons" include many of our best and bravest from our military, college students and graduates, and many upstanding members of our local churches.


I would reckon that those of you who harbor these feelings towards my business have never stepped foot inside of it. We service members of Jeffs SWAT team and other 1st response crew from the surrounding area. We also service all of the following organizations for FREE haircuts ; Clark County Youth Services, Life Springs, Haven House, Jerrys Place, Childs Place, VOA, Dare 2 Care, Relay for LIfe, and Maple Elementary PTO, just to name a few. My students economic contribution to this community is over $3,000 a week at several other businesses including local restaurants and gas stations and in 3 years of operating in this location I cannot recall even a single speeding ticket from local law enforcement for even one of my students.


In closing I must say that while some of my students have previously been in trouble with the law, the fact that they are paying to come and learn a trade or better themselves is a positive blessing and I ask that like myself you would applaud them and encourage them instead of condemning them and exhibiting this type of hatred and ignorance.


Our schools doors remain open for ANY and Everyone to come for a hair cut, massage, or even just a friendly visit to chat with me personally!  :phone:

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#128200 Richard Hooten guilty on all counts

Posted by kelley on 17 April 2014 - 03:14 PM

This is the outcome our family wanted. We specifically recommended the type of agreement that was produced. Todd and I consulted with our extended family including Tara's fiancée and best friend. This was the consensus. This outcome ensures the defendant will never be free to do more harm, yet avoids the cost and heartbreak of a trial, particularly the burden of a death penalty trial and inevitable appeals. This agreement won't make us whole again. A formal admission of guilt can't give us back what was taken. We do hope it provides some closure.

The agreement's title is “Joint Statement of Plea Agreement to Ensure that the Defendant Is Never Released from Prison.” It calls for the Life without Possibility of Parole sentence plus a number of years. He admitted in court today he isn't mentally retarded and was adequately represented. Whereas a death penalty conviction would've generated at least one and likely numerous appeals, he today waived his right to appeal.

We expressed this preference to Clark Co. Prosecutor Steven Stewart last fall. It was by accident or providence that we learned last week that the defense had been interested in making a plea arrangement that avoided the death penalty all along. Once it was realized our family and the defense wanted essentially the same thing, the process has moved very quickly.

I am grateful Josh and the police will not have to get on a stand to relive and detail what they experienced. I am grateful our family, friends and community will not continue to bear the costs related with a death penalty trial and that the defendant will soon be moved out of our county jail. I'm grateful that Hooten will likely die sooner than he would have on death row as inmates in general population, especially ones with charges such as his, have a shorter life expectancy when not segregated than those sentenced to death. Mostly, I'm grateful Tara's modesty and dignity can be protected in a way that would not be possible were there to have been a trial given today's media environment.

Formal sentencing is May 19.
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#178664 Thanks to all

Posted by Not Super But Honest Mike on 20 August 2016 - 09:03 AM

Thanks to all that have missed me over the last 18 months. I will drop in every now and then and comment on important topics.


Oh, hi Tina!

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#128201 Richard Hooten guilty on all counts

Posted by kelley on 17 April 2014 - 03:28 PM

Almost forgot:

Love Wins
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#106613 Nice lady at Jeffesoncille Kroger .

Posted by backinthegame on 03 July 2013 - 02:38 PM

Thank you so much for looking out for me this afternoon. I was so blessed that there is nice people out in this crazy world. I left my I-pad in the shopping cart after putting my groceries in the car. She yelled for me to let me know. THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART!!!!!!! From this point on my list goes on a piece of paper. So if anyone hears someone telling this story and she doesn't read chatter tell her she is an angel.
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#115902 Random Act of Kindness Witnessed

Posted by Mary on 04 October 2013 - 08:25 PM

I really think witnessed acts of kindness need to be acknowledged and I want to acknowledge a random act of kindness I witnessed this evening. I was walking out of Meijer and noticed a Sheriff's car parked behind a pick up and a deputy taking bags of out of the basket of one of the electric carts that the individuals with disabilities use. My first thought was did he catch someone shoplifting, but then I realized he had seen an elderly gentleman who used a cane was trying to get his groceries in the truck and he stopped to help him. He placed the groceries in his truck and then talked to him a few minutes and then left. I wish more of our "public servants" took their roles in our city the way this individual deputy did and would stop and help those in need instead of turning their eyes away and driving on! Kudos to this young man!
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#97456 The Local Media and Sheriff's Dept.- Have they no sense of "Decency"

Posted by ChopperWoman on 07 March 2013 - 09:04 PM

It's a freakin feeding frenzy with no thought of the pain they are causing. The monster is not a celebrity and the media needs to realize that and stop treating him as such. Why can't they concentrate on telling Tara's story? The story filled with love and art, family and friends, dogs and cupcakes. She was a beautiful young lady inside and out. That's the story that friends and family want told. That would be the story that honors Tara.
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#97080 Sad News Involving Kelley

Posted by Overit on 04 March 2013 - 01:27 PM

I hope the ccc remains a safe and comforting place for Kelley to come. I seriously doubt she will want to publicly share the details of what has happened and I hope the members will not post any details. Nobody can possibly understand Kelley and Todd's pain....each and every situation comes with a different set of circumstances. They are in their own private hell right now and all we can do is pray and be supportive. The outpouring of love and support from the chatter members has been awesome in my opinion. I hope it continues and I hope everyone will refrain from posting and discussing details even when they have been made public. Kelley will need somewhere to go to "get away" from it for a bit and I hope it is here.
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#94403 RUMOR Alert

Posted by cindiloohoo on 01 February 2013 - 06:51 AM

Quasar, maybe I missed something, but in the above quote Moore states "these alligations were found to be false". But were they found to be false? I guess my concern is, just because Moore was never prosecuted, it doesn't mean the alligations were false. Could it not be there was not enough hard evidence to prosecute? As I understand it, the local prosecutor will not prosecute unless they have enough evidence that they feel they have an airtight case.

I can answer one of your questions. After the mass mailing of the police report Moore and (I think) Steve Voelker filed a motion to have the file sealed. Somehow, I guess through a change of venue request, the case ended up in Washington Co. Mike had told me about filing to have the case sealed and later I asked how it went. He said the motion was denied because the file was empty. Told me the judge said they could not seal an empty file. This is the part that does not add up. According to Flack and Fifer the file was in Washington Co. but the judge said (according to Moore) it was empty. Perhaps we need an investgation to see who sent the file to Washington Co and to see exactly what was sent (or received) in Washington Co. I would think they would have records. Something doesn't jive.

I don't have anything to say about the issue of the case file one way or the other, but I just want to point out that you knew about this issue back when you were so vigorously campaigning for Mike Moore, but you didn't show one iota of concern about it possibly being true or any concern for the possible victim then.

It's only since you had your falling out with the mayor that you've suddenly decided that there might be something to this. At least be man enough to admit that it's personal vindictiveness that's driving you to pursue this and nothing at all to do with any kind of genuine concern about an alleged crime or victim.
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#88037 Mayor Files Lawsuit Against City Council

Posted by Jen Jen on 15 November 2012 - 02:10 PM

Please stop saying that he is dating someone from the EN. That is a rumor only. It's a really cruel thing considering the person that you are referring to has a husband. He's a friend and doesn't deserve this. Especially when NO ONE here knows the truth. How would you feel if someone constantly told others that your wife was sleeping with someone else???
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#82924 Jiyabird's "Kids"

Posted by GrumpyGranny on 10 October 2012 - 01:08 PM

Jiyabird has been very outspoken on this site as the owner/supporter of animals. She has mentioned her dogs, cats and birds numerous times. Members may not know that when she bought her current home, she had a wing built on; the lower floor of the wing is devoted to her cats, plenty of room for their beds, for them to run and play. They are all older cats that she intends to care for until the natural end of their lives. I'm not sure where the birds are kept, but can't imagine them not having everything they need. The dogs are indoors, except one who refuses to come inside. Of course he has a large home of his own outside, with heat for winter and a fan for summer, so he really has all the comforts of home without being indoors. I've met her Newfoundlands, and they are sweethearts. Her most recent addition to her family was a stray she took in, Sister. She took Sister to the vet, who diagnosed heartworms and asked Jiya what she wanted to do. Jiya gave the only answer she could; treat her, at whatever cost.

An Animal Control Officer visited Jiya today. They had received an anonymous report that she was neglecting her cats and birds. The dogs weren't mentioned. Jiya invited the gentleman in and gave him a tour of her home and everything she has done to provide for her beloved pets. No neglect was found, of course, and the Animal Control Officer told her not to worry, everything is fine. Jiya isn't worried but she is upset that after so many years of living in the home and caring for her pets, someone would anonymously call in such a report.

Like many of us on this site, Jiya has said things that might better have been left unsaid, or said differently. I have fussed at her a time or two myself, just as I have many others. I have met her and found her to be a very nice, pleasant woman; and it seems my husband and I know a lot of the people she and her late husband knew. Someone asked me recently if we were friends...maybe not quite yet but I do hope we can/will be in the future.

She is currently leaving a home she loves, for various reasons. She has a large home, so it is a lot of work for her to prepare for the move. She has taken on the responsibility for Sister and her health issues. She is facing repairs to the home she will be moving into; repairs due to damage caused by someone who Jiya allowed to live in the house rent-free. She has had a lot on her plate.

Is Jiya an angel? Not hardly! Nor do I mean to paint her as such. She is a kind-hearted human being, not perfect of course. None of us are. But with her life in such turmoil right now, did she really deserve a visit from the Animal Control Officer, based on an anonymous tip, at this particular time? No...
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#74303 Mayor's fitness council

Posted by Mike Moore on 24 July 2012 - 11:58 AM

Let's put politics aside for a bit and concentrate on something that effects our lifestyles, our children and even the cost of our insurance. I'm excited about the creation of our new fitness council. Our unpaid volunteer board consists of a Greater Clark physical education teacher, a certified Jazzercise instructor, a certified wellness employee of Clark Memorial hospital and Zumba instructor, an avid runner and publisher of a fitness magazine and two senior citizens with miles and miles of marathon running experience.

Last week I introduced ten major projects that we will be working to complete over the next six years. Several of those projects play heavily on a healthier lifestyle and educating Jeffersonville on being well. All of the projects will be paid with cash, no bonds, loans or tax increases will be needed to complete. The biggest project we will undertake is the "23 Mile Bike & Hike" that runs throughout the city. We are also in the midst of building several new parks around neighborhoods that have long been ignored. These parks will emphasize physical activity and some will even have irrigated community gardens.

I couldn't be more proud of the members of the fitness council and all they bring to our city. It's ideas like these that will set Jeffersonville apart from surrounding communities. Quality of life issues and a fair cost of living are two of the biggest factors in retaining current families and businesses as well as attracting new families and companies. My goal is to alway's see Jeff comes in first in everything we compete for.
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#128191 Richard Hooten guilty on all counts

Posted by kelley on 17 April 2014 - 02:28 PM

Hooten plead guilty to all charges this afternoon under a plea agreement that calls for Life without possibility of parole, plus 70 years which will run consecutively.

Will say more soon.
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#90604 Police Called to Mayors Office?

Posted by Hoosiermata on 19 December 2012 - 12:09 PM

No true at all. But whatever you have to tell yourself to make yourself feel better about supporting this moron.

Actually I still am glad I voted the way I did. I thought TG, while well intentioned, was going to bankrupt the City. I did not share his vision for the City and I did not like his management style. I voted for a change.

I have not seen a story that covered what happened yesterday only that something happened. So before I get to calling the Mayor a dirty dog, I will wait and see what actually happened, instead if relying on rumor, supposition and innuendo- all of which I find childish and counterproductive.

One thing I do agree on, however, is the drama is getting tiresome.
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#54553 A time for respect

Posted by Mike Moore on 17 November 2011 - 07:58 PM

I had a very nice and candid meeting with Mayor Galligan this afternoon. Although we've had our differences I have a great deal of respect for any man or woman who dedicates 12 years of their life to the community. I ask that the criticism comes to an end and we all work toward the goal of making Jeffersonville the best city in Indiana.

Thank you Tom Galligan for all your hard work.

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#164977 Oregon Mass Murder / Shootings

Posted by Riverfool on 02 October 2015 - 02:03 PM

I am not going to argue that someone is right or wrong. I will only say I agree with what Samuel L . Jackson Said.. 


I don't think it is about more GUN control

I grew up in the south with guns

and we never shot anyone

The Shootings are about people who aren't taught the value of life.


The amount of guns has not gone up, but the use of them has. This is not a gun or knife or bomb problem. We have a society problem...

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#160111 Typical moore

Posted by Quasar on 19 July 2015 - 10:32 AM

Obviously the intent of McCoskey's  email to Moore was to insult and bait him into a response that McCoskey intended to make public. Once again NSBHM... you were played like a fiddle... 


Kudo's to Moore for handling the situation so much better than I would have... when dealing with aholes,  I tend to go for the jugular... there is a reason that I'm not in politics!  :yes:

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#137275 Heroin - what can we do?!

Posted by backinthegame on 24 August 2014 - 05:15 PM

This is Melissa's daughter: I am a recovering alcoholic have been for two and a half years, I myself have never used heroin myself but I am an alumni from the women's healing place and I get to see with my own eyes the impact this drug is having on the community women and men mothers fathers your children this diseases doesn't discriminate at all. The beds are filled to capacity at both men and women's campuses, the thing is unless the person wants to change there is little hope no human power can keep us from a drink or a drug a power greater than myself is the only thing that has helped me stay sober!!!!! I give my credit to god and the women's healing place!!!!! Also don't feel bad if you are not enough or can't yourself get your family member to stop my mother tried and tried, but until I excepted the help Nothing changed!!!! Just don't give up and continue to pray.....Sarah
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#177920 Looking for change on the GCC School Board?

Posted by TeacherKY on 28 July 2016 - 10:26 AM

My name is Kelli Dattilo and I am running for the Greater Clark County School Board.  As many know, I have been part of the so called "vocal minority" in Clark County that have attended referendum meetings and spoken out at school board meetings when I felt that the best interests of the Clark County students and community were not being served by the school board.  


I am an educator.  I have been a classroom teacher for nine years in a "Priority" school in Jefferson County.  I am passionate about the education my students and the students in Clark County receive.  Before teaching, I worked in the business/banking world for fifteen years.  This background gives me a unique perspective when it comes to the financial end of education.  


My primary goal is to support teachers, students, administrators, parents, and all other stakeholders in the process of educating 21st century learners who will be college and career ready after graduation.   



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